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Frequently Asked Questions

At 9starsguru, our aim is to ease out your way to astrology! We understand that choosing an astrologer can be a tiring task, hence, our team makes sure that what they offer you is verified on certain aspects! Hence, all the astrologers you find on the 9StarsGuru App are verified. Before getting them on board, they undergo a four-tier evaluation process. Each stage has different sorts of tests for the astrologer that qualify for their knowledge and skills in the field of astrology! They qualify only when they pass through all four phases of the evaluation process.
As our valued customer, you have every right to question the authority and management of the verification process of our astrologers. As we’ve mentioned above already, all the astrologers on 9Stars Guru App are verified. Their process of selection and verification is mainly divided into four phases: Phase 1: Written Examination The first phase is a written exam where each astrologer attempts a written exam that comprises multiple-choice as well as theoretical questions. This exam is further verified by our Five Exclusive In-house Astrologers. When all of our in-house astrologers agree on all the answers, we take the astrologer ahead for the next phase. Phase 2: Video Interview In Phase 2, a video call is scheduled with the astrologer. It is mainly conducted to assess an astrologer’s inter-personal skills and real-time knowledge by 3 of our exclusive in-house astrologers to make sure that he/she knows about the digitizations of the whole process. Once the astrologer completes phase 2, he is promoted to the third phase. Phase 3: Verification of Information After qualifying for the first two stages, we conduct a background check for the astrologer and for their certifications, degrees, and achievements in the field of astrology. In some cases where astrologers don’t have a certified document that qualifies them as a professional astrologer, we ask them to produce any documents or major references. After the verification is completed, the astrologer moves ahead to our final phase. Phase 4: Background Verification This final phase is for those astrologers who successfully qualify for the first three phases. During this phase, we complete their background check. .
Once you’ve finalized the astrologer, it’s time to start your consultation. It depends on which astrologer you have opted. Different astrologers have different methods. If you’ve opted for a Vedic Astrologer, you will be asked to give details like: Your Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth Name All these details help the astrologer to make a Kundali based on the positions of the stars and planets that will be further used for predictions. If you’ve opted for a Tarot Card Reader, you might not need to give any details as a tarot card reader works on your energies by helping you align yourself to your own desires and those around you.
An astrologer is like an anchor for your boat called life. It’s very important to know the right questions that you can ask your astrologer. Here’s a list of such questions. Life and Finances Life and Finances What does this month/year hold for me? What should I expect? What does the dream I saw last night mean? How can I improve my relations with my parents? How can I improve my financial situation? When will I prosper? When is the right time to buy a property/vehicle? Why can't I save enough money despite having a good income? Should I invest in the stock market? Will my stars support me? When will I have my own house? When will I pay-off my loan? Career When will I get a job? Do I have any chance of settling abroad? What is better for me, Business or Job? How can I achieve more in my job/business? Which area of higher studies should I choose to have a successful career? Will I get a promotion this year? Should I do business or a job? What kind of business would suit me best? I'm facing losses in my business. Should I continue or put an end to it? How can I take advice from a Vaastu expert for my office? When is the best time to launch my product? Relationship/ marriage/ love life When will I find true love? Will I ever be able to take my long-distance relationship to the next level? Am I making the right choice by breaking up with my partner? Why did my partner break up with me? What should I do to get the attention of the person I secretly love? When will I get married? What dates are best suitable for my wedding? I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? If yes, when? I don't think my partner loves me anymore. Is this the end of my marriage?
These are a few sample questions that you can ask your astrologer. If there are any other doubts or inhibitions regarding anything in your mind, you can ask them too. Your astrologer will help you out with their answers
Our Verified Expert Astrologers have spent years studying and learning the sacred practice of astrology. With dedication, they have worked hard on their study and gained experience over years. They put a lot of hard work when analyzing your kundlis. All that they are charging on every consultation is justified for the work done. However, if you’re a first time user, you can get a some exciting offers that can be availed on your first consultation.
Before calling an astrologer you should check their status. If the button on their profile is grey in color that means they are offline. If the button on their profile is orange in color that means they are busy on another call. If the button on their profile is green in color that means they are online and ready to take your call.
Why do you need the astrologer’s personal number when the application itself allows you to make a direct call or even chat with the astrologer!
Shh! Keep your contact details a secret!
As you start your consultations with the astrologers, you’ll be fascinated with astrology and its powers. It is completely normal to have the thought of getting advice from different astrologers for the same issue. In such a case, you should go ahead with your natural instinct. We provide you a plethora of India’s Best Astrologer to choose from. You can choose as per your preferences and see which astrologer suits you better!
Shh! Keep your contact details a secret! Shh! Keep your contact details a secret!